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Trebinje what to see in Mediterranean stone oasis (-:

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Whether you are staying a few hours or a few days (of course, some remain forever), here are 6 things you definitely want see if you are in Trebinje.

 Local market – The old adage says that health enters through the mouth. If you agree, then the Trebinjska Local Market is the best choice for you. The piazza located in the city center is open every day from 7am–3pm, but the main day is the Saturday market day, when people from nearby villages bring their products to the market. Here, you can find the Herzegovinian local specialties of herbs, cheese, honey, fruits, and vegetables all to your taste.

Platani is the word for our frighteningly tall plane trees (like the people of Trebinje), which are most beautiful when they turn green and provide natural shade, especially in the summer months. In this botanical garden are planted 16 trees that are over 100 years old and were planted during the Austro-Hungarian period. There are about 150 of these throughout the city of Trebinje because the plane tree is considered to be one of the symbols of Trebinje.

 City Park with its monuments is another in a series of places in the city center which you should visit if you feel like taking a break from sight seeing for rest. You can also see a statue of the poet Jovan Ducic, which is located at the entrance to the park.

Old town Kastel  within the walls will attract you with its small narrow streets, cafes, and largest building within the walls – the former Austro-Hungarian barracks, which today is the Museum of Herzegovina, and which we suggest you visit.

 Perovic (Arslanagic) Bridge – If you love long walks along the river, then you will lead the way to the old bridge from the 16th century endowment of Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. It was most used to allow caravans with the goods to pass and charged tolls. It was also submerged during the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the river and brought stone by stone to be reinstalled in its current location.

Herzegovinian Gracanica was built in honor of the poet Jovan Ducic; inside is his grave. The monastery is located on a hill above the town, offering a view of the city and, if you are for romance, a stunning sunset.