Benefits from hiring a local tour guide or take a local tour on your travels?

Support & Flexibility - local guide can usually handle all the logistics (itinerary, transportation,checking operating hours, making reservations etc..) for you and save -time and money.You're able to ask as many questions as you want and you can personalize your tour to fit your interests.

Communication & Insights - value of having someone to help you with language barriers and negotiate when you want (exchange money to local currency or buy something) is sometimes priceless.Tour guide can take you to places that you would never know about, even if you spend a lot of time reading guide books or searching the Internet.You will go to local spots that the vast majority of other travelers will never experience.

Protection & Security - guide will tech you about ethics and behavior,every place (especially religious sites),has its own cultural traditions and expectations,so you can avoid embarrassment or worse you don’t want to spend your vacation getting lost.You can’t read signs (Cyrillic letter) or you’re not confident driving on the opposite side of the road.

Hire a local guide -It’s basically like renting a friend who’s really smart, you will always learn & see & do something new on your trips.
















Trebinje tours

It doesn't matter if you stay in Trebinje for a couple of hours or more days, we can offer you:

Trebinje free walking tour it's perfect for those who're limited with time, for a hour walk around town you can see and learn about history, culture and tradition of the place.
With the suggestions of your guide you will know where the best restaurants and cafes are, the best places to shop etc ..
      Local Guide is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Trebinje half/full day tour it's perfect for those who decide to visiting, best sites around town and his surroundings for a couple of hours or whole day and meet culture, tradition, history and beautiful nature that this place has.


















Gastro & Wine tour Trebinje

Immerse yourself in Trebinje's charm with a delightful town exploration intertwined seamlessly with a captivating gastro-wine experience.Indulge in the rich flavors and aromas of Trebinje's wines,expertly paired with authentic local cuisine,creating unforgettable memories of culinary discovery.














Best of Bosnia & Herzegovina - one day or multiple days

In one day we can visit Sarajevo - capital and biggest city in B&H, mix of culture, tradition and turbulent history also known like olympic city.
Mostar is the largest city in the Herzegovina region. What makes this city famous is the old bridge, a place where east and west meet.

Multiple days we can visit Visegrad, Jajce, Travnik, Banja Luka and other places on request.














Herzegovina - in one day - full day tour

Meet a region in the Balkans that forms the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is call Herzegovina and geographically cover 30 % of country. Region is known , for wine, rich history and culture, beautiful nature as well.

Point of interest : Vjetrenica cave, Monastery Zavala,Stolac-vidoski castle, Radimlja stone tombs necropolis, Kravice waterfalls, Pocitelj historical place, Blagaj - Buna river, Medjugorije.

Tour can be tailored to your needs and desires.





























The rise and fall of Tito's Yugoslavia

Who was Tito? Whether a man from the village of Kumrovac by profession  a locksmith or a secret agent on a mission, playing the piano. Whoever he was, marked one time and one country that is gone - Yugoslavia.

Whether we love him or not, Tito has left behind a striking track, the things and ideas that will pervade future generations about Tito as a person and Yugoslavia as the idea of brotherhood and unity of it's peoples and nationalities.

The tour includes visits to WWII monuments / museums and Tito's bunker and includes a full day excursion.





























Montenegro - in a day or multiple days

Driving around beautiful Bay of Kotor - see Kotor - UNESCO protected old town ,above which rise steep mountain cliffs.
Budva, a small fishing village, has grown into a true metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. The old town of Budva has retained the past of old times, and it can be felt when you walk through its narrow streets like in a maze.

From the sea, the path leads through the Montenegrin mountains to the smallest royal capital in the world - Cetinje, from where the path leads to the Lovcen National Park, where the most famous ruler and poet Njegos is buried at the top of the mountain. From the top of Mount Lovcen there is a beautiful view of all four sides of the world.





























Hungry for more?

Create a custom tour based on your travel budget (your interest & time, number of people etc..) and we’ll give you feedback on the features and price. 

Tours can also be organized like study tour for school/university or corporate tour for companies and other organizations on request. 

Please note that the above tours are just an example! We can tailor any tour to suit your tastes and preferences.

Thank you !