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Trebinje Cafes & Clubs: From morning coffee to late-night hangover

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It hard to find a café culture quite like the one in Trebinje. Each of the cafes in Trebinje has their own café societies which aren’t for everyone—just as every drink is not for everyone. Each person has their preferences! But here, cafes are a matter of culture. While in some other countries cafes are mostly reserved for weekends, people here seem to go to cafes more often than they go to their jobs!

Platani Cafe with its summer garden is one of the cult places and a great start to the morning with a morning coffee in the shade of centuries-old plane trees. It is located in the center of the city right next to the local market. Whether you need to buy necessities or like to take a morning walk on summer mornings, a break is always welcome in Platani Café.

Café Natali is situated on one of the most beautiful sites in the town on the promenade near the platani trees. The interior is dominated by a traditional style infused with vintage details. Old photos of Trebinje display the memories and history of our city.

Café Jazz is located beside the promenade to Arslaganica (Perovic) bridge and is a nice place for a break from a long walk, with views of the river and the old bridge. The combination of the calm river and chirping birds will make your stay relaxing and rejuvinating.

Cafe Azzaro in the old town is one of the most popular places for young people. This café has a long tradition that reaches back to the 80s and is still a place where you can enjoy music from that period.

Caffe Kasa is located in the center of town. While the exterior appears to be undiscovered, inside you will find an indoor space and a summer garden in the Mediterranean style which is perfect for socializing with friends during the day.

La Terrassa is a new modern cafe located five minutes from the center of town. It’s good for a hangout with friends or a business meeting, and offers a pleasant atmosphere with soft music and good service.

Caffe Grk is just the place for a little espresso and good ice cream for you and your kids—surely you need to rest your feet after running around with them all day!

The Artists’ Club café has a long history and has often changed owners. Nonetheless, its role has remained the same throughout the years—it’s Trebinje’s most prominent venue for the promotion of local artists. On the walls of the café you can see the works of young and talented artists from Trebinje.

Pavone cafe is located on the southern part of the promenade along the river and is a popular place for the younger generation. If you’re a fan of tea, here you can try the local Herzegovinian teas or local pizza.

Bajica Cafe is located in the walls of the old city, and is another in a series of cafés with a long tradition in the area. During the summer, Baica organizes live music on its summer stage—don’t miss it!

Crkvina Cafe on the hill above Trebinje is the perfect place if you are looking for daily relaxation and sunset overlooking the city.

Hedonija Cafe is pure hedonism from the inside and out. The café is situated near the stone bridge in the center of Trebinje. Its beautiful garden is incorporated into the walls of the old town, a nice place to drink your first morning coffee with the fresh breeze coming off of the river – or spend an evening here with a glass of wine and some local prosciutto and cheese.

When night falls, the right place for warming up is Porto Galo. This café brings you the rhythm of Portugal blended together with Herzegovinian stone, and has something to snack on while you sip your grappa.

Havana Club from Trebinje tamburasi (marijaci) has a southern rhythm that will raise the atmosphere to a higher level. Keep your balance, because the night is still young!

The two clubs Galerija and Riva become one around midnight. At the height of the night, with flashes of light and pumping music, just remember that the world is yours.

After midnight, the young people of Trebinje head over to Underground Bar to  sing sweet home Alabama. If you are looking for more excitement, then there’s also the nightclub Merlot. When the sun comes out in the morning and you’re hungover, know that it is not from bad wine—rather, it’s your destiny calling.