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Most known wineries in Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina for wine tasting

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There’s no family business like the wine business in Trebinje.

Here, wine production has a long history which was often interrupted by various historic and cultural events. For example,  numerous wars and crises occurred with the arrival of Turkish culture to this area, which banned wine production or forbade the consumption of wine in public.

Regardless of these interruptions, people have a long tradition of wine making in the region of Herzegovina. After the last war, the commercialization of wine in this area has sky rocketed thanks to the area’s natural preconditions for winemaking, such as the specificity of Herzegovinian karst soil and sun. Today in Trebinje, there are about 20 registered commercial wineries. I will enumerate on a few large and several small wineries that have made a significant step forward when it comes to wine tourism.

 Sekoulovic Winery is a small family winery that produces several varieties of white wine (Zilavka, Chardonnay) and red wine (Vranac, Merlot), as well as grappa and cherry brandy. In addition to commercial sales, the winery is also engaged in organizing wine tastings for tourists.

Berak Winery is a family winery that has expanded its activities to wine tourism and the reception and accommodation of tourists. Their tradition of wine production dates back several hundred years. Interestingly enough, the current owner is one of the youngest winemakers in Herzegovina! They produce several varieties of wine, including Zilavka, Vranac, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rose. Their latest innovation is a bio wine produced with a blend of old vine varieties. In addition to making wine, they also produce domestic brandy and bitters.

 Petijevic winery is another in a series of good family wineries that have in recent years become known for accomodating tourists and organizing wine tastings in a beautiful setting. The winery produces four varieties of wine and brandy and also prides itself on its centuries-old tradition that will continue to develop for years to come.

 Andjelic Winery

The production of Wine Cellar Andjelic expands and increases with each year. Their cellars contain six types of wine: Žilavka Andjelic, Vranac Andjelic, Lira, Zirado, Tribune, and Mičevac barriques. The raw material for all of their wines come from the vineyards of Trebinje, as well as nearby areas of Herzegovina. The Andjelic family pariticpates in creating the wine, focusing on continuous improvement and, above all, achieving a high quality of wine. Their wines have won numerous awards in regional and international fairs that assess the quality of fine wine.

Tvrdos Winery

Ten years ago, the monks of Tvrdos began a new chapter in the story of the monastery’s wine production. They have taken care of the vines in the Trebinje area, and today, the monastery has two wine basements. In the old stone cellar from the 15th century, Cormorant matures in century-old oak barrels , and only a dozen meters away, next to the Trebišnjica, Tvrdos has built a new basement equipped with the most modern technology, but perfectly integrated into the existing complex.

 Vukoje Winery

Vukoje Winery is one of the first modern wineries to begin the commercial production of wine in the various spheres of Trebinje. It is considered the leader in the production of wine in BiH, making continuous improvement and innovation. The winery aims to make a splash the world market. It owns imperial vineyards dating back to the nineteenth century and the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Vukoje’s vineyards are one of the best locations for wine production in this region, especially in the production of the specialty white wine, Žilavka.