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Trebinje Restaurants: Where do locals go when they are hungry?

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If you are in Trebinje, what you should not miss is the culinary offering of various traditional dishes that this region is famous for—like cicvara or rosted lamb. These are best when combined with an authentic ambience, good service, and quality ingredients. Even when the waiter brings you the bill, you’re sure to be fully satisifed with your dining experience.

Restaurant BG is a 10-minute drive by car from the city center. This restaurant has an authentic Mediterranean charm, with a beautiful summer garden, excellent service, and good food that will surely satisfy even the most demanding guest.

The Tarana Restaurants are part of the family tradition that stretches back longer than a decade. The first is located in the old town and offers various kinds of dishes—from pasta and pizza to cevapi. The old town location has a pleasant atmosphere and good food at affordable prices that will surely keep you satisfied. The second Tarana restaurant is located at the northern exit from Trebinje in a part of town that bears the name of the vineyard. It offers excellent local meat from beef to pork, and also offers various salads of local vegetables for vegetarians and veggie lovers.

Restaurant Sesto Senso is a modern restaurant that is only a five-minute walk from the city center, next to the stone bridge. Its modern ambiance and diverse offers of both local and international cuisine will satisfy all lovers of good food.

Porto Bello restaurant is located in the heart of the old city a few meters from the Museum of Herzegovina. Porto Bello offers fish, meat, and soups, as well as a pleasant ambiance showcasing a Herzegovinian combination of stone and wood and an intimate atmosphere for those who like to eat in a calm atmosphere.

Restoran Market 99 is located less than five minutes by foot from the city center. It has a stylish ambience blended in the tradition of Herzegovina and also offers local and international cuisine. The restaurant’s terrace provides views of the river and the pleasant breeze from the Trebišnica will certainly complement your experience at this restaurant.

Restaurant Old Herzegovina is a 15-minute drive from the city. This ethno style restaurant is incorporated into the natural environment of rural Herzegovina with a varied selection of dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding guests who are eager to taste the traditional dishes of the region.

Restaurant Studenac is a 10-minute drive from the city center. This restaurant is situated along the river in a pleasant section of Trebinje between stone and water. It offers a very wide variety of traditional dishes, but what is best is the fresh trout from the river Trebišnica. You won’t be disappointed with any other dish either, but the fish you surely cannot miss.

Restaurant Mosko is a family restaurant with long traditions of several decades and is located a 15-minute drive away from the city. It is known especially for its traditional roast lamb, a dish that is part of the tradition and culture of the people in BiH. Coming to Herzegovina without tasting this succulent dish is like saying you’ve been to Italy but haven’t tried the pizza there!

In addition to the above restaurants, you can also find plenty of of grill shops, pizzerias, and bakeries in Trebinje. Hoewever, what you will not find is international fast food brands—we prefer to keep a varied but authentic local taste.