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Trebinje Accommodation: Good places to stay if you’re in Trebinje

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Trebinje, once a small industrial town, has become a recognizable tourist destination at the intersection of the roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,  and Montenegro. It is interesting that until the late 90s, there was only one hotel in Trebinje. However, after that a momentum of travellers moving away from the mass tourism of the Adriatic coast to the hinterland discovered a small Mediterranean city in stone—Trebinje—and hotels began to open. Accomodation in Trebinje has multiplied, and this trend continues today. In Trebinje there is now a large selection of accommodation for everyone’s taste—and what is most important, for everyone’s wallet.

Hotel Leotar was the first hotel built in Trebinje. It takes its name from the mountain that rises above Trebinje, and is a symbol of Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia, as during this time it held a number of events and accomodated numerous public figures. It became particularly well-known in the region after the filming of a Yugoslav movie in the 80s. Then, it experienced the fate of Tito’s Yugoslavia and was privatized. In spite of everything, Hotel Leotar remains an iconic place in Trebinje. It is located along the river Trebišnjica only five minutes from the city center.

Hotel Platani is a hotel located in the city center and was named after the plane trees surrounding it, which are a symbol of Trebinje. Hotel Plantani consists of two buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period and as such is an excellent fit for the townscape. It represents the right to enjoy drinking morning coffee in the summer terrace of hotel while the famous centennial plane trees provide shade from the summer heat and birds sing in the branches providing some extra cause for relaxation. One big screen diva has lately become a frequent guest of this hotel, and she knows this feeling well. Her name is Monica Belluci, and she has become a distinctive guest of both Platani Hotel and Trebinje’s other attractions.

Hotel Nar is a new, modern style hotel, named for the pomegranate fruits which are typical for the Mediterranean region and southern Herzegovina in particular.Hotel Nar is a 20-minute walk from the city center. For wine lovers, the hotel has a wine bar with the best wines of local Herzegovina. It also features beautiful and modern rooms that will satisfy all your needs for rest and comfort.

Hotel Belleve is located outside the noise of the city center at the north exit of town. In addition to comfortable rooms, it offers nice views of the city and a hall with 400 seats for organizing weddings and other events. It is excellent for business travelers, and is only 10-15 minutes by car from the city center.

Hotel In’s main characteristics are comfort, functionality, and intimacy. The hotel is located 10 minutes by foot from the city center. It possesses an underground garage and a restaurant. It can accommodate excursion groups, sports clubs, and local and foreign tourists. It also contains a hall for seminars and other events.

Hotel VIV Trebinje is located in the city center on the street which leads to Dubrovnik (30km) and Herceg Novi (40km), and the hotel faces the beautiful Hercegovacka Gracanica. The hotel is located just a few hundred meters away from the old town of Trebinje. Within the hotel there is guarded parking for cars and a cafe with a summer garden where you can read the daily press and relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Motel Acimovic is a new modern facility built near the southern city exit on the way to Dubrovnik and Montenegro. The motel is a blend of modern and traditional, with a local look. The modern motel rooms are in accordance with the standard requirements of a motel. If you are looking for peace and privacy, then this motel is the right choice for you. The family catering experience and friendly approach to each guest are the best guarantee of quality rest in Trebinje.

Hostel Polako is the first hostel opened in Trebinje. The owners of the hostel are a young couple who have found their place under the sun and decided to settle down and open up shop. Their experiences in traveling around the world streamed into business by opening Hostel Polako. Their energy is transformed into kindness, hospitality, and openness that will make your stay at the hostel an unforgettable experience.

If you have not yet found what suits your taste and wallet for your accomodation needs, refer to and We wish you a successful search—and see you in Trebinje!