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Things to do in Trebinje (-: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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To start, my suggestion is that you take all or nothing. Trebinje provides you with many opportunities, whether you want to walk, bike, hike, swim, fly, dive or drive. There’s something here for everyone.

First, discover Trebinje’s unique townscape of the city center, which consists of architecture from the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman periods, with all its natural, cultural and historical monuments. Get to know the with a leisurely walk and an interesting story … it’s a good start.

Things to do in Trebinje
If you are a lover of running biking or hiking, the vicinity of Trebinje has plenty of hills and mountains that are undiscovered and will give you incredible views of nature and the sea…even all the way to Italy! For the best hiking experience, contact professional connoisseurs Walk With Me and the Mountaineering Club Vucji Zub.

If you’re a fan of adventures on the water, we recommend you take a canoe safari on the river Trebišnjica, once one of the largest underground rivers in Europe. You can also go for a dive if you want to explore the mystical underwater world  with diving club Posejdon.

Want to feel the absolute freedom of flying? Try paragliding from Mount Leotar, the mountain that towers above the city of Trebinje.

You can also get to know Trebinje and its Herzegovinian surroundings by driving around with Nomad Safari.