A few years ago, I visited Barcelona, Spain with my wife. We were well-prepared for the trip: we had a  city map and tourist brochures, and visited some of the famous tourist attractions. But something was missing, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

A few days later, we met with some friends who lived in Barcelona. They took us to local hangouts that couldn’t be found in the tourst brochures—it was a unique and totally different experience from what we'd experienced in the previous few days. We felt, tasted, and experienced a totally new dimension of the vibrating city of Barcelona.

So now I understand what it means to see, and what it means to experience, the local atmosphere of the place you visit. I get how thin the line is between sad tourists and happy travelers. This journey changed my way of traveling and sparked in me an idea for this theory of sad and happy travellers.

Come + see + go = sad tourist

Come + see + local experience = happy traveler



There are two types of tourists and travelers who visit Trebinje:

  The first come to the city, see it, take photo and  leave . They are limited by package tour-fixed itineraries and pre-planned stops. Their time and itinerary are determined by others. These are the sad tourists 🙁 

  The second are travelers who plan their trip according to their own desires, deciding for themselves where and how long to stay. These are:

50+ travelers

 groups of friends or couples

solo or business travelers


They come to see, feel, and experience the local life, culture, and traditions of the places they visit. They come as travelers, but in the end, they become locals. These are happy travelers 😀

Which type of traveler are you?


Now, I organize tours with local team support and help travelers find their way in this part of the world ,while promoting Trebinje and the Herzegovinian region, as well as the rest of this beautiful country and whole Balkans offering great stories,  good vibes, and only authentic experiences.


From being a receptionist, to a tourism advisor, to the coordinator of large – scale tourist project, I’m all about tourism—and I really love what I do.


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