Need ride by car (1- 4 persons) send your request

(date, time, number of people, destination )

and you will receive a response within 24 hours







To/From Dubrovnik  Airport/ Town

To/From Podgorica Airport/City

To/From Tivat Airport

To/From Mostar

 To/From Sarajevo

To/From Budva

To/From Herzeg Novi

To/From Kotor

Some other destinations within Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro are possible on request.








We can make day trip (1-4 persons) which corresponds to your desires

For example pick  you up in Dubrovnik - Trebinje wine tour - bring back Dubrovnik again.

 Pick you up in Kotor - Trebinje walking tour - drop off in Mostar

This is just example if you have any particular idea or place you would like to visit  feel free to ask.


Bon voyage!