Benefits from hiring a local tour guide or take a local tour on your travels?

Support & Flexibility - local guide can usually handle all the logistics (itinerary, transportation,checking operating hours, making reservations etc..) for you and save -time and money.You're able to ask as many questions as you want and you can personalize your tour to fit your interests.

Communication & Insights - value of having someone to help you with language barriers and negotiate when you want (exchange money to local currency or buy something) is sometimes priceless.Tour guide can take you to places that you would never know about, even if you spend a lot of time reading guide books or searching the Internet.You will go to local spots that the vast majority of other travelers will never experience.

Protection & Security - guide will tech you about ethics and behavior,every place (especially religious sites),has its own cultural traditions and expectations,so you can avoid embarrassment or worse you don’t want to spend your vacation getting lost.You can’t read signs (Cyrillic letter) or you’re not confident driving on the opposite side of the road.

Hire a local guide -It’s basically like renting a friend who’s really smart, you will always learn & see & do something new on your trips.
















Trebinje Walking Tour

Walking with a local guide—meet Trebinje and understand its culture, history, and traditions.

Meeting point: Monument Jovan Ducic in the city park

* Tour by foot

Duration: 1-2 hours
















"Trebinje day tour"

Your local guide—let’s call him the “storyteller”— will show you best sites around Trebinje city who is ugly and pretty.

Meeting point: We’ll choose a convenient location for you

*Tour by car and foot (1-8 people)

*Duration: 2-4 hours

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request


















Taste Local Food + Cooking Class = Trebinje Food Tour

Enjoy good local food.

Learn how to cook some traditional food like so call 5P (pita, prijesnac ,pogača,priganice , pura) from old grannies .

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a convenient location

*Tour by car and foot (1-8 persons)

*Duration:  approx 3 hours

Inquire about availability at lest 24-48h in advance

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request














Sip of Wine & Make Smile

  Visit Trebinje wineries—one or more, smaller and larger depending on your wishes and tastes.

Enjoy what Herzegovina has to offer with a barrel of wine and platter of food on the table!

Herzegovina’s most famous wineries, complete with a sampler of the winery’s best and a Balkan-style aperitif platter

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a convenient location

*Tour by car and by foot (1-8persons)

*Duration: min. 1h - max. 8 hours

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request














“Herzegovina  Herbs & Honey route” 

This is a new tour—in fact, something like Route 66 USA or Romantic route in Germany. This tour includes a visit to both the urban and rural parts of Trebinje (including the local market, herbs and honey station, local villages and authentic local people).

If you want to add to your experience, we can continue along the Herzegovina herb and honey route and visit Ljubinje, Stolac, and Blagaj/Mostar. Along the way, we will stop at “herb and honey stations” to enjoy the local food, wine, tea, honey, and cultural–historical heritage .

After this tour, you will become familiar with the life and traditions of this region. In essence, you’ll begin to understand what Herzegovina is really all about.

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a conveninet location

*Tour by car and by foot (1-8 persons)

*Duration: 2-5+ hours

Please note that the tour covers only the area Trebinje.

On request we can visit other parts of the Herb and Honey route (Ravno,Ljubinje, Stolac,Počitelj, Kravice falls, Blagaj / Mostar, Medjugorije)

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request



















Hungry for more?

Create a custom tour based on your travel budget (your time & your interest, number of people, how many hours you want to spend, etc..) and we’ll give you feedback on the features and price. 

Tours can also be organized like study tour for school/university or corporate tour for companies and other organizations on request. 

Please note that the above tours are just an example! We can tailor any tour to suit your tastes and preferences.

Thank you !