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Walking–Talking Tour: Walking with a local guide—meet Trebinje and understand its culture, history, and traditions.

Meeting point: Monument Jovan Ducic in the city park

* Tour by foot

Duration: 1-2 hours

1 person 10 euro

(2-8 person) 5 euro/per person

Incliuded:  Your local guide—let’s call him the “storyteller”— explains what he knows about his hometown. He knows a lot, but is always ready to learn more!

Walk–Talk tours can be organized privately just for you and your group on request.

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request

Pay what feels good. If you weren’t satisfied with the tour, keep your money in your pocket!



Private tours


"Trebinje city tour"

Visit Tvrdos monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the region of Herzegovina, dating back four centuries. Tour the old town, which includes two mosques from the Ottoman period and the old Austro-Hungarian barracks, which now house the Museum Herzegovina. Visit the city center from the Austro-Hungarian period, the local market, and the city park with monuments from different historical epochs.  The Perovic (Arslanagica) old bridge is from the sixteenth century and represents the old caravan road border. Visit the hill above Trebinje for panoramic views and a tour of the complex of the Gracanica monastery.

Meeting point: We’ll choose a convenient location for you

*Tour by car and foot (1-4 people)

*Duration: 2-3 hours

*Price: 25eur/hour

Included: transportion, museum ticket, 1 café break, enthusiastic local guide

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request


“Trebinje’s Café Culture“

In some countries in world, people have a culture of work, working to exhaustion usually from 9-5. Here in Trebinje, we have what I call a “café culture.” This invovles sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, tea, beer, wine, talking, and basically embrassing the philosophy of doing nothing.  Sound familiar to you? Then this tour is not for you! However, if you are fascinated by the interworkings of this lifestyle and have et to try it, I encourage you to give it a try…at least once in your life! The tour includes a walk through the historical part of the city, visiting one cafe, one locally renowned pastry shop , and one café with an outdoor terrace and beatuiful panoramic view of Trebinje. This tour will free up your mental energy and help you create something from nothing—why do you think all the famous artists sat in cafes all day?

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a convenient location

*Tour by car and foot (1-4 persons)

*Duration:  2-3 hours

*Price: 25eur/hour

Included: transport, 1 drink in café , 1 pastry meal, 1 drink on terrace with panoramic view, good conversation about Trebinje’s past and present, a nice walk through the historical part of the city, and a chance to hang out with your local guide, a café expert

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request

Main Dish

“Culture & Wine” : A guided tour of the city and its cultural and historical monuments; visit Trebinje wineries—one or more, depending on your wishes and tastes. Enjoy what Herzegovina has to offer with a barrel of wine and platter of food on the table!Herzegovina’s most famous wineries, complete with a sampler of the winery’s best and a Balkan-style aperitif platter.

Each additional winery is 10 euro per person, including wine and aperetif sampler.

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a convenient location

*Tour by car and by foot (1-4 persons)

*Duration: 2-3 hours

*Price: 30 eur/hour

Included: a sampler of 4-6 wines, aperitif platter, transportation, city tour, and your sober-for-the-day local guide

Note: Possible organization of tours for more people on request



“When I drink glass of wine, I do not lie — I smile and the world smiles at me.”

— Ivo Andric, Nobel Prize winner for literaure

“Herzegovina: Taste of Herbs & Honey” : This is a new tour—in fact, I was part of team that originally created it. This is all about the story of the Herzegovina Herb and Honey route. This tour includes a visit to both the urban and rural parts of Trebinje (including the local market, herbs and honey station, local villages, and authentic local people). If you want to add to your experience, we can continue along the Herzegovina herb and honey route and visit Ljubinje, Stolac, and Blagaj/Mostar. Along the way, we will stop at “herb and honey stations” to enjoy the local food, wine, tea, honey, and cultural–historical heritage . After this tour, you will become familiar with the life and traditions of this region. In essence, you’ll begin to understand what Herzegovina is really all about.

Meeting point: We’ll agree upon a conveninet location

*Tour by car and by foot (1-4 persons)

*Duration: 3-5+ hours

*Promo Price: 86 eur per person

Included: transportation, herzegovinian tea with homemade cookies in a traditional location, visit to a herb and honey station to eat local slow food, including wonderful Herzegovinian figs. City and Rural tour of Trebinje and surrounding villages. Breath in the fresh air, see beautiful nature, and let your local guide show you the secret spots of Trebinje.

Please note that the tour covers only the area Trebinje. On request. we can visit other parts of the Herb and Honey route (Ljubinje, Stolac, Blagaj / Mostar)

Note: Possible organization of tours for more peopl on request

Hungry for more?

Create a tour based on your travel budget (your time & your interest, number of people, how many hours you want to spend, etc..) and we’ll give you feedback on the features and price. All for Happy Travelers!

Please note that the above tours are just an example! We can tailor any private tour to suit your tastes.

Private tours are geared towards you and your preferences. You decide how much and what you want to see, taste, and feel. Everything is tailored to you and your needs; with this plan, we’ll create an intinerary and its corresponding price.

Thank you !

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captravelin trebinje

captravelin trebinje