TREBINJE is the southernmost city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of the entity of Republika Srpska, and one of the lesser-known Europe regions Herzegovina. Trebinje has a Mediterranean climate. During the year, there are about 260 sunny days, warm summers, and mild winters. Its distinctive geolocation makes it a good base to stay and explore the surrounding areas Croatia (the Adriatic coast of Dubrovnik is only 25 km away) Montenegro (Herceg Novi , Kotor or Budva) and western Herzegovina, including Mostar and Medjugorije.

Trebinje is rich in natural resources and has a large hydro potential as it is surrounded with water (lakes, rivers, and sea). It has a rich cultural and historical heritage from different historical periods (including 88 monuments that are protected by the state) and excellent infrastructure links (within a radius of 100 km to 4 airports).

Unlike the many world-famous wine regions, such as the Napa Vally of California, Bordeaux France, and Tuscany Italy, what makes this region unique as an undiscovered wine destination is that it is the region with “wine” in its name.

The medieval ruler Stefan Herzog Vukcic-Kosaca, who married the Bavarian princess, from Frederick III Holy Roman Emperor received the title of Herzog (duke) and was known as both an egoist and a lover of wine. The region – Herzegovina – is named after him. Because of these attractive attributes, Trebinje and the region of Herzegovina in general are becoming recognized for their outstanding wine tourism.

In addition to wine tourism, Herzegovina is also becoming widely recognized as natural herbarium where growing dozens of precious herbs (Herbegovina) and mouthwatering and health-boosting Honey.Just as the Provence in France is famous for its lavender, Herzegovina is distinguished by the native immortelle plant, as well as a variety of other types of medicinal and aromatic plants.


Trebinje (Herzegovina) is the greatest secret of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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